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Poročilo za javnost Young talent in Russia benefiting from a self-run SBA program 29.03.2016


Slovenian times spring edition March 2016



Young talent in Russia benefiting from a  self-run SBA program


As an IEDC participant 11 years ago, Yury Praslov, Head of the SloveneRussian business club, was one of the youngest in the Executive MBA class. “This is quite typical for Russia. You will find the youngest CEOs, the youngest billionaires and the youngest ministers. Generation Y are now also starting to set the rules of the game in business education too!”


Leading marketing at the Russian Managers Association, Yury has witnessed the emergence of a unique MBA program in Russia. The program is so unique in that it is self-run by the young people themselves, without any academics involved. "We first supported them with the right infrastructure and some business contacts and basically they started to develop it by inviting guest speakers!" "


The Soft skills & Business Administration program (SBA in short) was an answer to the gap that has always existed between lagging university programs and demanding employers in Russia. Moscow, in particular, is a very competitive environment and most graduates are left to their own devices after university, and then only a very few high potential students make it to the best companies", says Yury.


As Vlad Shipilov, CEO of the SBA program says, it is not just about soft skill development, such as problem-solving, stress management and emotional intelligence, the program also boosts quite practical skills from various functional tracks such as marketing and law, to make them candidates for the best employers and entrepreneurs. "The crucial difference from a classic MBA program is that SBA attracts only practitioners from the best industry leaders and the final decision is with the young guys running the program.  It is through this that the program supplies young talent to McKinsey’s, BCG, PwC, Deloitte, EY, Sberbank and other leading international employers", says Vladislav.


The best proof that this approach of a selfrun MBA program is successful is that, since 2011 when the program started, over 1,000 students have graduated SBA and the program is closely monitored by talent buyers in Russia and abroad. It is my wish that such a program in Russia cooperates closely with IEDC’s initiatives involving young talent. 


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