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Poročilo za javnost Эксперту - 20! аналитическая журналистика на службе бизнеса ..20.07.2015


Management of Slovene-Russian business club congratulates the big team of the most authoritative Russian analytical magazine EXPERT on its 20th anniversary!


Being true to facts, sharp and rich in phrasing, and highly reflexive EXPERT stands out among others in its style. As circumstances would have it, the team of the then EXPERT which turns 20 years now, featured a special highlight of 20th anniversary of Slovenia's independence back in 2011.  


The success fo the project, initiated in 2011 by the Sovene Embassy, is underlined by the fact that at the end of 2013 the Apline Republic turned to EXPERT journalists again for another speacial feature of Slovenia.


The organisation's success is also proved by the success of its bright alumni in hight demand in best international teams.    


To Irina Unrue (Maslova) who first saw the essence of the project and pulled together all partners, Olga Vlasova, the editor in chief and brave correspondent lost in round-about Balkan roads, Tatiana Lukinykh who took care of each step of the project, Seregy Masov, the driving force of it all, and Sergey Sumlenny who linked us in a swift magic way,  those who started our joint way to 20 years - thank you!  



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